Carthage Mills’ Series of Drainage Composites

drainage composites


We have partnered with AWD to bring you this innovative drainage composites product line that combines a variety of geotextiles and specially designed polymeric drainage cores, that work together to provide an engineered response to a variety of drainage problems by collecting and redirecting water away from a structure or site for retaining walls, concrete slabs, trench drains, athletic fields and more.

Benefits of using AWD geocomposites compared to the traditional installation of pipe and rock:

  • Requires less excavation therefore helping to reduce the number of trucks and the required fuel
  • Products are lighter and easier to handle allowing equipment to be smaller and less destructive
  • Reduce or eliminate the high cost of stone and sand for drainage and backfill

Using AWD drainage composites compared to competitors:

  • Been around for over 35 years
  • Most widely approved in the country
  • AWD products are manufactured to meet ASTM standard physical and mechanical properties, so consistent quality can be assured

Reasons to purchase AWD from Carthage Mills:

  • Select products are regionally available throughout the USA, and that means fast ship time, lower freight costs, and pick up available in some areas
  • Ship AWD geocomposite on a mixed truck with geotextiles, geogrids, and erosion control material to reduce freight costs
  • Receive the same exceptional service that Carthage Mills has been providing for over 60 years

Sheet Drain

Geocomposite prefabricated sheet drains are composed of a dimpled polymeric core with a woven or nonwoven geotextile bonded to one or both sides. The geotextile allows water to pass through while retaining backfill materials.

Strip Drain

Prefabricated strip drains combine a formed polymeric drainage core with a filter fabric bonded to one or both sides. The filter fabric is bonded to each dimple to prevent soil intrusion into the core flow channels while allowing water to freely enter the drain core.