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In 1958 Carthage Mills set out to change the way the world approached coastal erosion with their innovative products, and groundbreaking design concepts and construction methods. Those early products are now known as 'geotextiles', and much of the 'geosynthetics industry' as we know it today, is the direct result of those early struggles, innovative designs, and developmental work of Carthage Mills.

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Sixty plus years later, Carthage Mills features one of the most comprehensive lines of geotextiles, geogrids, erosion control products and soil improvement solutions available from a nationwide network of knowledgeable distributors, as well as strategically located regional warehouses. For well over half-a-century, Carthage Mills' products and expertise continue to be specified and used worldwide with confidence.

Most importantly, the insight and knowledge we share daily on products, projects and/or general questions is 'experience based' - collected over 60 years. Those experiences of our pioneering efforts as the geosynthetics supplier, design engineer, project manager, and contractor are a part of our culture, and the foundation on which we built our Customer Service - a Heritage that others strive to understand.

Geosynthetics - it's what we do; it's all we've ever done!

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