Custom GEOSYNTHETICS, Factory Seaming, Off–line Slitting & Rerolling

custom geotextiles

Carthage Mills provides custom geosynthetics, off-line slitting, rerolling, and custom fabrications. These services are expertly done and delivered fast for your convenience. We offer in-house Factory Seaming of geotextiles to Custom Wide Widths x Lengths. These can meet most specified wide width seam strengths and seam types. Seaming capabilities range from Light to Heavy Weight Slit-films, Nonwovens and Monofilaments, to the High Performance /High-Strength polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET) geotextiles. These products demand the highest quality of seams, consistently passing stringent lab testing for project acceptance.

Seaming adjacent geotextile panels allows for the rapid deployment of a geotextile over a large area resulting in considerable savings in both labor and overlap waste; and is particularly useful when the sub grade conditions are weak and/or the access is poor.

When it comes to custom seaming geotextiles, Carthage Mills can assist in the following ways:

  • Providing detailed drawings when necessary
  • Stitching panels to meet provided specifications
  • Ensuring the finished panels are packaged and shipped appropriately for the most effective deployment and installation
  • Delivering the finished product directly to the jobsite in a timely manner