Turf Reinforcement Mats for permanent Erosion control

turf reinforcement mats


Polypropylene Turf Reinforcement Mats are most frequently specified to perform at least one of the following functions: reinforced turf, erosion control, and also soil-seed retention.

TRMs are a dense matrix of polypropylene (PP) and/or organic fibers between netting to provide immediate erosion protection during vegetation; and permanent Reinforced Turf and Erosion Control for moderate to high-flow conditions. The materials extend the erosion resistance of soil, rock, and other materials by permanently reinforcing the vegetative root structure.

APPLICATIONS for Turf Reinforcement Mats

TRMs are cost-effective and an esthetic solution for erosion control in moderate to high-flow conditions. They are used in more challenging erosion control applications where immediate, high-performance erosion protection is required.

  • Moderate to High-Flow Channels
  • Swales
  • Steep Slopes
  • Embankments
  • Banks and Shorelines with Heavy Runoff