Stormwater Products | Inlet Filters, Wattles, Dewatering Bags, Silt Fence

site dewatering bags

FBX™ Filter Bags – are stormwater products designed to trap silt, sand and other sediment fines from construction sites before they can do damage to the environment, and to prevent the costly cleanup of storm water systems.

inlet filters

Inlet Filters – Are designed for a variety of grate styles and shapes, and serve as an integral part of Best Management Practice by preventing sediment and debris from entering waterways through storm drains.

silt fence

Silt Fence retains the soil on disturbed land, such as a construction site, until the project is complete. Keeping the soil on site, rather than letting it be washed off into natural water bodies.


Wattles are flexible, cylindrical Sediment Retention Fiber Rolls (SRFRs) comprised of various types of compressed matrixes, designed to reduce hydraulic energy and filter sediment-laden stormwater runoff on slopes and in channels.