Carthage Series of Orange Demarcation Geotextiles

orange demarcation geotextiles


Orange Demarcation Geotextiles are essential in projects where a visual warning layer is needed to prevent future excavation projects from damaging underground utilities, archaeological sites or other buried structures. The orange fabric is a prompt for workers to stop digging.

Demarcation fabrics can be used to separate and add a high visibility layer between contaminated soil and new backfill on remediation sites. Orange Geotextiles are available in woven and several grades of nonwoven to meet project needs.


Carthage Mills’ Orange Demarcation Fabrics can be used in a multitude of applications.

  • Serve as a visual warning layer for the contractors
  • Prevents damage to utilities
  • Prevents damage to archaeological sites
  • Serve as a high visibility layer between backfill and contaminated soil

FX-33 Orange Geotextile is a woven slit film geotextile used for visual warning barrier. As an added option, the fabric can be printed in English or Spanish with “Danger – Do Not Dig”. Please contact us for additional information about our Demarcation geotextiles.

Our nonwoven orange demarcation fabrics include FX-35HS, FX-60HS, and FX-80HS and are typically used in drainage applications. The nonwoven orange demarcation fabrics are all printed on with “Danger Do Not Dig” in English and Spanish.