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Geogrid products are designed primarily for reinforcement and, characteristically, are integrally connected to elements separated by in-plane apertures. Contrary to geotextiles, geogrids are netlike materials with large open spaces called "apertures" which are typically 0.5" to 4.0" between the ribs.

Geogrids form a distinct category of geosynthetics designed for reinforcement. These products are characterized by a relatively high tensile strength and a uniformly distributed array of large apertures (openings between the longitudinal and transverse elements). The apertures allow soil particles on either side of the installed sheet to come into direct contact, thereby increasing the interaction between the geogrid, aggregate and some soils. Also, the apertures ensure vertical drainage of a reinforced free-draining aggregate/soil.

The geogrid elements vary in polymer type and cross-sectional dimensions. They can sometimes change shape and dimensions within their length. Geogrids are either integrally manufactured (punched and drawn sheets; or extruded), ultrasonically or adhesive bonded strips, or joined in a knitting or weaving process and then coated. Polymer types include polyethylene, polypropylene or high tenacity polyester that has been coated.

Although geogrids are used primarily for reinforcement, some geogrid is used for retaining walls, some products are designed for asphalt overlay and waterproofing or for separation and stabilization. Geogrids also are used as gabions and sheet anchors, inserted between geotextiles and geomembranes, or used to construct mattresses for fills or embankments over soft soils.

Carthage Mills Series of Geogrids

GBX® Series of Geogrids

geogrid The Carthage GBX® Series of integrally formed biaxial geogrids - including Type 1 and Type 2 - are produced of the highest grade polypropylene (PP). Read more…

  • Base Course Reinforcement in Paved/Unpaved Roads and Construction Haul Roads; Subgrade Improvement; Foundation Reinforcement; Secondary Reinforcement for Soil-Retaining Structures; Working Platforms on Weak Subgrades

Carthage Series of Geogrid for Segmental Retaining Walls (SRW)

geo grid Carthage SRW Geogrids are uniaxial, woven of high tenacity polyester (PET) yarns, PVC coated and provide industry leading Long-Term Design Strengths (LTDS) for Soil Reinforcement. Read more…

  • Segmental Retaining Wall (SRW) Reinforcement; Steepened Slopes; Landfills; Most MSE Structures (Temporary and Permanent); Dikes and Levees; Voids Bridging; Veneer Reinforcement

Carthage GUX Series of Rigid Uniaxial Polyethylene Geogrids

geo grid Carthage Mills' GUX Series Geogrids are manufactured using select grades of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) resins that are highly oriented and resist elongation (creep) when subjected to high tensile loads for long periods of time. Read more…

  • Reinforcement of Vertical Walls and Slopes; Landfill Liner Support; Veneer Stability, and Capacity Improvement; Construction of Gabions and Mats; Foundation Construction and Improvement


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