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Prefabricated Strip Drain

Series of Strip Drain

Prefabricated strip drains combine a formed polymeric drainage core with a filter fabric bonded to one or both sides. The filter fabric is bonded to each dimple to prevent soil intrusion into the core flow channels while allowing water to freely enter the drain core. The core provides an uninterrupted path for water to flow to designated drainage exits.

Available in 6", 12", 18", 24", & 36" Widths.

Prefabricated strip drains are manufactured into long narrow strips that provide a complete drainage system in applications such as highways, athletic fields, and around buildings and homes.

These products provide a value engineered alternative to perforated pipe and aggregate subsurface drainage systems requiring moderate strength and/or high flow capacity, and some of these specific products include a geotextile meeting an AASHTO M288 requirement such as class 2 or 3.


  • Engineered geospacer drainage product consisting of a formed, polymeric core and a fully wrapped, laminated geotextile.
  • Effective alternative to french drain pipe & stone systems providing subsurface collection and conveyance of water.
  • Cost effective, engineered solution for subsurface water management from one primary direction and one secondary direction.
  • Roll Width: 6" (152mm), 12" (304mm), 18" (457mm), 24" (609mm) and 36" (0.91m).
  • Roll Length: 150' (46m) and 500' (152m).


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Perforated Strip Drain w/ Nonwoven Strip Drain Application Strip Drain

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