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Stormwater & Sediment Control / BMPs

This product offering is continuously expanding to support the many needs of local Stormwater, Erosion Control and Jobsite Accessory requirements; therefore, not all of the available products may be listed below.

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Filter Bags

filter bags Carthage Mills’ FBX™ Jobsite Filter/Dewatering Bags are designed to trap silt, sand and other sediment fines from construction sites before they can do damage to the environment; and to assist the contractor with an economical means of avoiding the costly clean-up of storm water systems (i.e. Site Dewatering and Sediment Containment). Read More »

Silt Fence and Components

Silt Fence and Components Carthage Mills’ silt fence offerings include fabric only, prefabricated fence with posts, and wire backed fabric that has been pre-attached for your convenience. For site-assembled Super Silt Fence you will need our 42” chain link fencing and steel posts. Read More »

GrateKeeper™ Storm Drain Filter

Gratekeeper Filter Carthage Mills’ GrateKeeper™ inlet/stormdrain filter bags are an important part of standard Best Management Practices (BMPs) that should always be implemented to reduce surface water pollution from construction stormwater runoff. Read More »


Wattles Straw and excelsior wattles are excellent for use as check dams, perimeter control, and as a silt fence replacement. Easy installation with minimal trenching needed. Available in a variety of lengths, diameters, netting and filter media. Call 800-543-4430 for product availability, pricing and delivery. Read More »

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Stormwater Products Overview
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