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Long-Term Filtration    
Why Percent Open Area?
Percent Open Area – Its History, Role, Function, and Importance in the Mechanics of Geotextile Filtration
1.03 MB PDF
Independent Research on Fabric Clogging:
What really counts in long-term filtration performance ? Which of the four most standard fabric types best resist clogging? What is the best current means available to evaluate and quantify clogging the potential
of geotextiles?
1.53 MB PDF
Equivalent Products    
Cross Reference: Geotextiles
Agency Specifications / Product Selection    
AASHTO: M 288-17 Geotextile Selection Guide 110 KB PDF
FHWA: Specification; Section 714 – Geotextile and Geocomposite Drain Material 130 KB PDF
FHWA: Geotextile Selection Guide 88 KB PDF
Geomembrane / Liner Selection Guide 163 KB PDF
Interactive Map: Carthage Mills Geosynthetics that Meet DOT Specifications 639 KB SWF
General Information    
Highway Deep-Patch Geogrid Applications
Three Before and After Studies of Road/Embankment Solutions
840 KB PDF
Geotextiles Enhance Road Performance:
Cost / Benefit Brochure by Geosynthetic Materials Association (GMA)
1.24 MB PDF
Handbook of Geosynthetics:
64 Pages; Geosynthetic Materials Association (GMA)
1.67 MB PDF
Nonwoven Paving Fabrics Study - Final Report
27 Pages; Maxim Technologies, Inc.
237 KB PDF
Guide to Estimating Subgrade Soil Strengths for Fine-Grained Soils
Installation Guidelines    
FX® Separation / Stabilization Geotextiles Installation Guidelines 467 KB PDF
SRW Installation Guidelines 95 KB PDF
GBX Biaxial Geogrid Installation Guidelines PDF
Hornets Nest Inlet Filter Installation Video .mp4
Yellow Jacket Inlet Filter Installation Video .mp4

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