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ARVS Anchor Reinforced Vegetation System

Carthage RVX Armor

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Anchor Reinforced Vegetation Systems are most frequently specified to perform at least one of the following functions:

  • Erosion Control (Severe)
  • Stabilization
  • Reinforced Soil
  • Reinforced Vegetation


Carthage Mills' RVX™ Armor System was designed to meet the challenges of the most severe of erosion events. The RVX™ Armor System consists of Enkamat® R30, a uniquely constructed, flexible, highperformance turf reinforcement mat (HPTRM) and aluminum alloy percussion driven anchors. Its high tensile strength, over 2,000 lbs/ft, assures high survivability and longterm design performance.

The HPTRM is comprised of woven high–tenacity polyester yarns for reinforcement at low strains; entangled within a three dimensional matrix of continuous nylon monofilaments fused at their intersections. When anchored with the S2 aluminum alloy percussion driven anchors to compressed soils 24"–36" beneath the surface, the RVX™ Armor System provides resistance to any further movement of the anchors and soils; permanently secures the mat to the ground; and promotes the establishment of vegetation with an integrated reinforced root system.


Carthage Mills' RVX™ Armor System represents the latest in advanced flexible armoring technology. While aesthetically pleasing, it outperforms and provides permanent and cost–saving solutions to the more conventional methods of gabions, concrete filled mattresses, rock and concrete riprap, and interlocking concrete blocks.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT and EASY to INSTALL: Ease of installation minimizes the need for skilled labor and heavy equipment; and its low–impact design lends itself to local soil and subgrade conditions.
  • FLEXIBLE: Conforms to irregularities of the subgrade; maintaining intimate contact for seedling emergence and establishment of vegetation.
  • DURABILITY: Its rugged construction and high tensile strength provides excellent resistance to installation damage and future debris; assuring long–term design life and performance.
  • PERMANENT PROTECTION AGAINST SEVERE HYDRAULIC STRESSES: Outperforms conventional methods that utilize concrete and/or rock.
  • COST SAVINGS and EFFECTIVENESS: Low–cost and high–performance assures savings in structural materials, labor costs and future maintenance.

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Carthage Mills' RVX™ Armor System was designed to meet the specialized challenges of:

  • Armoring and vegetation of earthen levees to protect against severe erosion forces
  • Shorelines of large bodies of moving water including streams, canals, channels and rivers
  • Steep slopes: =0.25H:1V
  • Any erosion application where 'surface' armoring using conventional methods may prove costly or ineffective; aesthetics are a concern; access is limited; and/or long–term design performance is critical.
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