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Landscape and Ground Cover Fabrics

Carthage Mills' LX Series of Landscape & Ground Cover Fabrics

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Landscape and Ground Cover fabrics are used for:

  • Retarding Weed Growth
  • Reducing Evaporation
  • Plant Alignment
  • Pedestrian Traffic Areas (WC Landscape Series)
  • Retention of Mulch and Reduction of Erosion on Embankments
  • Patio and Paver Underlayment
  • Drainage


FX High-Performance Series (PP) Carthage Mills LX-GC30 is our premium woven ground cover fabric. The LX-GC fabric is a woven polypropylene geotextile with colored marker yarns every 12 inches for quick and easy plant alignment and presentation. Treated with a special UV protection, it is designed to last approximately 10 years in sunlight and indefinitely in the shade. Puncture and tear resistant, it sustains pedestrian and light vehicle traffic. It is resistant to insects and rodents and will not rot or support mildew.


FX High-Performance Series (PP) Carthage Mills' LX-SB 20 and LX-SB 30 nonwoven landscape fabrics are spunbond, 100% polyester (PET) geotextiles. With their high strength to weight ratios, the LX-SB landscape fabrics provide excellent dimensional stability. The polyester construction of the LX-SB Series is non-biodegradable, is rot and mildew resistant and offer excellent ultra-violet resistance insuring its long life in your project. The SB Series provides excellent separation while allowing for the passage of air, water and fertilizer. LX-SB fabrics are ideal to use as a weed block, an underlayment for patio and paver applications, and as a drainage filter fabric.

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Product Technical Data/Specification Sheets: