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Geocells Cellular Confinement System

Carthage CX Series of Geocells

Cellular Confinement SystemFUNCTIONS

Our Series of Geocells are most frequently specified to perform at least one of the following functions:

  • Containment
  • Erosion - Slope Protection


Carthage Mills CX Series of Geocells are three-dimensional, expandable panels made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE). When expanded during installation, they resemble a honeycomb and form the walls into which specified infill materials are placed and compacted. Typical infill materials are aggregates, local onsite materials, vegetated topsoil, and concrete.


Carthage Mills CX Series of cellular confinement systems improve the structural and functional behavior of soil and aggregate infill materials, and are typically used in:

  • Erosion protection and stabilization of steep slope surfaces
  • Lining of channels and other hydraulic structures
  • Ground stabilization – Static and dynamic load support on weak subgrade soils (Driveways, maintenance roads, grass parking lots etc.)
  • Multi-layered earth or aggregate filled near vertical walls
  • Lakeshores and Banks with Light Runoff


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