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Customer Service and Support: Setting the Benchmark!

geosynthetic applications in construction

Everyone talks about it; everyone promises it; yet when you really need it, you find it sorely lacking, or even worse... overseas. The fact of the matter is this: Few companies understand it, and even fewer companies are willing to invest in it.

While we like to think that we have other things to offer our customers, we are constantly reminded that it is our focus and attention to Customer Service that may be the single most important reason for our high levels of customer loyalty and satisfaction.

And although we may be recognized as a leader in the development and application of geosynthetics, it is our reputation as the "Benchmark" for Customer Service and Support that makes us the proudest. It is here that our "relationships" are established and nurtured.

How did this happen? Well, in 2008 Carthage Mills celebrated 50 years of service to the construction industry; and the first 36 of those years were dedicated to serving the needs of "contractors" and "engineers" - arguably two of the most demanding groups of anyone's customer base.

It was then that we fine tuned and perfected this art, and realized that no matter how much we grow or the industry changes, it must always remain an integral part of our "culture". And because of this, we understand your needs; and most importantly "why", when you say you "need answers", you need them NOW!

Today, with well over 200 active Distributors nationwide, we continue to pledge immediate access to both our Sales and Technical Support teams.

Customer 'Support' at Carthage Mills is more than just answering a phone and finding your shipment; it's also about reliable and timely quotes, proper submittals and certifications, seamless product approvals, product availability with timely deliveries, and always available support personnel.

Bottom line, we guarantee you faster response times to your customers with quality information. And the end result is increased business and profits, and a customer base with stronger loyalty and trust in you.

"Geosynthetics" and "Customer Service and Support" - it's all we do... it's all we've ever done!

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