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Geosynthetic and Erosion Control Products


Geotextiles - Including woven and nonwoven geotextile fabric, for both private and state DOT / NTPEP projects.


Geomembranes - Including LLDPE, PVC, and HDPE for use as pond liners, landfills, reservoirs, and more.

poly sheeting construction film

Construction Film - also called Plastic Sheeting or Poly Sheeting, has a wide variety of uses in the construction industry, and is Made in the USA.


Geocells - Cellular confinement systems used for erosion protection & stabilization in steep slope surfaces, & ground stabilization on weak subgrade soils.

erosion control

Erosion Control Blankets (ECBs) - Including double & single sided, short or long-term erosion solutions, biodegradable options included.

turf reinforcement mats

Turf Reinforcement Mats (TRMs) - Permanent erosion control solutions for steep slopes, embankments, banks and shorelines with heavy runoff.


Armormax System - Providing long-term erosion control and slope stabilization for up to 75 years, lightweight and easily transported to challenging job site locations.

landscape fabric

Landscape & Ground Cover Geotextile Fabrics - Provides drainage to aid in plant growth while preventing weed growth & reduces erosion on embankments.

geosynthetics custom fabrication

Geosynthetic Custom Fabrication - In-house factory seaming of geotextiles to meet specified wide width seam strengths, off-line slitting and rerolling also available.

construction job site products

Construction Job Site Accessories - Along with geosynthetics, we also offer t-posts, safety fence, Chain link, steel posts, sod staples, and much more.

geosynthetic drainage composites

Drainage Composites - A combination of geotextiles and polymeric drainage cores that server as a solution by redirecting water away from a structure.

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