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Geosynthetic and Erosion Control Applications

ROADS - Access / Haul Roads | Parking Lots | Highways & Streets (Base Reinforcement)

Road Applications

For low cost, geosynthetics can significantly extend the life of everyday structures by preventing the intermixing of subgrade soils and the aggregate base, and/or stabilizing poor subgrades.

EROSION - Shorelines | Slopes | Swales | Channels | Canals

Erosion Applications

These were the very first applications of a geotextile in 1958. The fabric, which lies beneath various forms of riprap cover (i.e. rock, gabions and mattresses, concrete pattern-placed units, etc.), allows for free drainage of water while holding back fines thereby preventing shoreline and other erosion.

DRAINAGE - Subsurface Drainage

Geotextile Drainage Applications

This is one of the most common applications of geotextiles in the construction of roadways, landfills, athletic fields etc, allowing for rapid removal of water or other fluids while providing excellent soil retention, assuring long-term free flowing drainage.

EMBANKMENTS - Reinforced / Steepened Slopes

Geotextile Embankment Applications

Common applications include earth dams, embankments on soft foundation soils, levees, highway embankments, landslide repair, landfills, dikes and levees.

SRW WALLS - Segmental Retaining Walls

SRW Applications

Carthage Mills has partnered with Synteen and is now offering SF Series of SRW Geogrids that are manufactured from high-tenacity, high molecular weight polyester (PET) fibers in a full range of tensile strengths designed to meet the most demanding soil reinforcement applications; including Ultimate Tensile up to 29,750 lbs/ft. Visit the product page for full technical data, available roll sizes, and installation guidelines.

ALTERNATIVE WALLS - Other Permanent & Temporary MSE Walls

Alternative Walls

Several examples of cost-effective Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) structures are temporary roadway detours, wrapped faced walls, highway bridge construction.

PAVEMENTS - Pavement Restoration

Pavement Restoration

Asphalt overlay fabrics can extend the life of all existing paved areas. These specially manufactured nonwoven geotextiles are first saturated with heated liquid asphalt during installation, and creates a moisture barrier between old and new pavement. In addition, they absorb stresses to retard reflective cracking, thereby improving and extending the overall performance of the new overlay.



Erosion Control Blankets (ECBs) are ideal solutions for the short-term challenges of establishing vegetation in low to moderate erosion applications such as: subtle grades to steep 1:1 slopes; swales; moderate flow channels.

LANDSCAPE - Landscape - Ground Cover Fabrics


Landscape fabrics come in a variety of weights and types, from DIY all-purpose to the professional landscaper and nurseries. Their primary functions are separation and friction, weed block, moisture retention, patio/paver underlayment, and drainage filter fabric.

PERMANENT EROSION CONTROL - Turf Reinforcement Mats & ARMORMAX® Engineered Earth Armoring System


Turf Reinforcement Mats (TRMs) & ARMORMAX® Engineered Earth Armoring System are for those moderate to severe applications that require both permanent and reinforced vegetation in addition to the immediate needs of preventing surface erosion while establishing vegetation.

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