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DX Series of Drainage Composites

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Drainage plays a critical role in the design and construction of below grade applications. Without proper drainage, groundwater seepage may cause hydrostatic pressure and leakage, resulting in structural damage.

Carthage Mills DX series of drainage composites includes drain boards (also called wall/sheet drains), strip drains, and geonets. While all of the products in this series are used to direct the flow of water, each individual product is created for a specific application(s), some being horizontal and others vertical.

Carthage Mills Series of Drainage Composites

DX® Drain Boards

The drain boards are made from high compressive strength dimpled cores (perforated or not), which include a variety of attached woven or nonwoven filter fabrics that can provide long-term clogging resistance and high flow capability. These products are ideal subsurface filters and are used to provide a consistent drainage medium for applications such as retaining walls, foundations, and bridge abutments. Read more…

DX® Strip Drains

Strip drains function similarly to the drain boards mentioned above, however they are manufactured into long narrow strips that provide a complete drainage system in applications such as highways, athletic fields, and around buildings and homes. A couple of primary benefits strip drains provide is that they reduce the overall volume of water as well as the length of time standing water is present when used in a horizontal application. Read more…

DX® Geonets

Similar to drain boards and strip drains, geonets direct water and provide efficient drainage solutions for a variety of applications. However, the primary difference is that the geonet drainage core has compressive strength that is anywhere from 21% to 669% greater than our heaviest drain board, yet flexible enough to conform to irregular surfaces. This tough yet flexible nature makes geonets the ideal choice for applications with extreme cases of heavy loads and/or heavy vehicular traffic. Read more…


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